Welcome to the Waverley Trail

A Treasured Stand of Trees in an Historic Neighborhood

In the Waverley neighborhood of Belmont, Massachusetts and in the
adjacent city of Waltham, there are a number of beautiful and distinguished
buildings and landscapes. Among them is an historic resource of
international significance: a small but impressive stand of trees, including
several large oaks, that grows on a series of steep, short hills rising above
Beaver Brook. These trees are protected within the Massachusetts
Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Beaver Brook Reservation.  

Several of these protected trees are very likely the descendants of the
remarkable Waverley Oaks – a grove of nearly two dozen very large and
ancient white oaks growing on that site which, in the 1890s, inspired the
creation of the world’s first land trust (now known as The Trustees of
Reservations, or TTOR) as well as the nation’s first public regional park
authority (the Metropolitan Park Commission, now part of the Department
of Conservation and Recreation, or DCR). The land trust and regional park
movements which the Waverley Oaks helped to establish have had global
impacts, inspiring the conservation of millions of acres of open space in the
United States and internationally, from the Czech Republic to Chile.

A Trail to Celebrate Our Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Waverley Trail, dedicated on Arbor Day 2007 before a large and
enthusiastic crowd of young people and adults, is a three-quarter mile
interpretive trail that aims to bring alive, for new generations, the
remarkable natural and cultural heritage of the Waverley neighborhood,
and of the Waverley Oaks which were instrumental in inspiring landmark
innovations in the history of the American conservation movement. We
invite you to explore the Waverley Trail itself, stretching along Trapelo
Road from Waverley Square in Belmont to the Waverley Oaks site in the
Beaver Brook Reservation that spans the Belmont-Waltham town line.  We
also invite you to explore this website, and the Tour of Trail which it offers.

Celebration of Stewardship at the Newly Completed Waverley Trail

On June 18, 2009, at 3 pm,  Belmont and Waltham citizens welcomed to
Mass Audubon's Habitat Sanctuary a pair of  distinguished guests – Rand
Wentworth, national President of the Land Trust Alliance, and DCR
Commissioner Richard Sullivan. Sullivan and Wentworth took part in the
ceremony marking the completion of the Waverley Trail. The remarks at the
ceremony focused on the recognition of past, present and future
generations of stewards of Waverley’s natural and cultural heritage.

Such stewards include:

• Historic champions of land conservation in the area, including Judy
Record of Belmont, Kit Burstein of Waltham, and Richard Furbush of

• Present-day stewards represented by
: the Belmont Citizens Forum,
Hammond Real Estate, Firenze Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto, Paul and Phyl
Solomon, and the Berkley family, who are sponsors of the
six new
interpretive panels that have been added to the Trail; Rene Morin, the
DCR supervisor who has been instrumental in the care of the
Beaver Brook Reservation for decades
; and Wes Ward of The Trustees of
Reservations, Gary Clayton of Mass Audubon, and Anne Paulsen, former
Belmont Selectman and State Representative, all of whom have been
instrumental in the protection of open space on the adjacent McLean

• The next generation of stewards of our natural resources, represented by
the Habitat Intergenerational Partners (HIP) that have devoted so much
time and energy to eradicating invasive species, as well as other Young
Naturalists  at Mass Audubon’s nearby Habitat Nature Sanctuary and
Education Center.

For more information and media coverage of the 2007 and 2009
celebrations of the Waverley Trail, please see the Resources section of
www.waverleytrail.org website.
(c) Copyright 2007-2009, Waverley Trail Advisory Committee of the Belmont Land Trust